In an effort to foster a spirit of loyalty, fraternity and scholarship, the mission of the Florida A&M University National Alumni Association, Inc. (FAMU-NAA) is to promote the continuous active interest in and support of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, to effect united action on behalf of and for the general welfare of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University as an educational institution of higher learning. With over 60 chapters located throughout the country, the FAMU-NAA has provided over $1 million in scholarship money and other financial support to Florida A&M University.

As graduates of such a prestigious university, we understand the importance of education and are testaments to the quality of education provided at Florida A&M University. The University is the nation's No.1 producer of African Americans with baccalaureate degrees and has received national recognition for its commitment to education, being named by Black Enterprise Magazine as the 2006 "Top College for African-American Students" and as the 1997 Time Magazine/Princeton Review "College of the Year." Additionally, the university was ranked 2nd among 200 top universities in growth in the area of scientific publishing. Further, students from FAMU's prestigious School of Business and Industry had an unprecedented repeat performance, winning first place in the case study competitions at both the 2007 and 2008 National Black MBA Conferences. Most recently, the FAMU College of Law was granted full accreditation from the American Bar Association. We are extremely proud that our alma mater has received these accolades and look forward to helping more students pursue their education at FAMU, supporting the university's mission of "Excellence with Caring."

The National Convention is the signature event produced annually by the Florida A&M University National Alumni Association, focusing on informing alumni, corporate partners, and FAMU supporters of the innovative programs and projects that the university is engaged in and empowering alumni and supporters through education.

​SOURCE: http://www.famualumniconvention.com/mission.html


In 2005, the FAMU NationalAlumni Association chartered a new branch of support for
Florida A&M University, namely the “Capital City Chapter.”The chapter is located in Tallahassee, Florida, the State Capital. This fact inspires our members to strive to be alumni leaders who care for, contribute to, and celebrate excellence on “The
Hill” known as the “college of love & charity,” Florida A&M University. A top priority for this organization is to increase the number of alumni and friends who are willing to offer capitalized “SUPPORT” for FAMU! It is the goal of the Capital City Chapter to grow and be recognized among the “best alumni chapters” in the country. This goal is possible because “WE LOVE FAMU!” FAMUans, friends and supporters of our alma mater, in the local area and beyond, have a standing invitation to join the FAMU Capital City Alumni Chapter. This group of “Striking Rattlers” pledges to work and build a strong, productive team that will ‘capitalize’ on the many resources and opportunities available to help move Florida A&M University and its students to the top level of performance and academic achievement.


PRESIDENT                      Leila A. Walker

VICE PRESIDENT               Earnest Allen


TREASURER                         Bill Woods  


PARLIAMENTARIAN               Bill Tucker

SERGEANT AT ARMS        Valerie Davis